Get a Nexus 5 with a year of unlimited talk and text for just $199.99 [Deal]

Another Nexus built by LG? Yes please. Photo: LGThe Nexus 5 is in a league of its own when it comes to top-performing, affordable phones. It packs premium design, fast speeds, and endless features— plus users reap the benefits of Android’s newest and greatest technologies. For a limited time, you can score the one and only Nexus 5 and a year of wireless

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Star Wars: KotOR is 70 percent off and LEGO Star Wars is back

It’s safe to assume the Star Wars content is going to kick it into lightspeed as we get closer to the release of Episode 7 in December, but for now it is still novel enough that it is worth noting.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic first hit Google Play back in December, but after a brief launch sale at $4.99 it has remained at $9.99. Despite the fact that this is an enormous and immersive RPG, that’s a steep price for most people, so today’s sale bringing it all the way down to $2.99 is a nice opportunity to pick it up on the cheap.

If you’ve never played KotOR, it’s a fantastic game and you will get at minimum dozens of hours of gameplay out of it. A couple caveats about the game: When I said it is enormous, that also includes the size of the download, which is about 2.5GB, so make sure you’ve got the space. I would also say that it lends itself to a larger screen (five inches or above), but you can certainly play it on something smaller. It does support a controller, so if you somehow fall into the Venn diagram of NVIDIA Shield Portable or Tablet owners that haven’t played KotOR, then I would buy this immediately.

For those looking for a slightly more lighthearted Star Wars game for your Android device, LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga is again available on Google Play for $6.99. It includes both LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game game as well as LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy. Early reviews are looking pretty positive, but there are some reports of frame rate issues even on current flagships, so you might want to hold off and see if they manage to fix that in an update.

If you download either one, let us know what you think. I’m at least going to be picking up KotOR.I haven’t played it in 10 years and I think it’ll be great to revisit on the SHIELD Tablet or even the SHIELD console.

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Clash of Clans 7.65 APK

Clash of Clans has today received an update brings a new item for players to killing the enemy units and pushes them away with gushes of air, called Air Sweeper. This brand new air defense system item unlocks at Town Hall 6. Users of Android can install it to enjoy the new features that come along with this update. As always, you can download the latest Clash of Clans APK here.

Clash of Clans

Here's a full breakdown of what's new in update 7.65:
• Push back groups of flying enemies with a brand new defense: The Air Sweeper!
• Bookmark up to 30 Clans, compare and view them easily at any time
• Never attack unprepared again! Your army is now previewed before every war attack
• A one-time name change is now available

You can grab the newest update from the Google Play Store, you can also check via the link at the bottom of the post to download directly Clash of Clans 7.65 APK.

What do you think of this newly released update and do you like the changes Supercell has made to its popular strategy game with the new Anti-Air Defense The Sweeper?

Download APK
Requires Android: 4.0.3+
File: 43MB (Clash of Clans APK)

Clash of Clans 7.65 APK

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Google’s Messenger app gets a handy quick reply feature

Quick reply in action. Screenshots: Killian Bell/Cult of AndroidGoogle’s own Messenger app for Android has been updated with a useful quick reply feature — just like that in iOS 8 — that lets you respond to text messages from almost anywhere in a flash. Quick reply works on devices running Lollipop, and it lets you respond to messages as they come in via the drop-down

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Screen Recording App SCR Pulled From Play Store And Developer's Account Closed Without Warning

ap_resizeGoogle has been clamping down on what developers can do in the Play Store as of late, and the latest victim appears to be screen recording app SCR. Both the free and paid versions disappeared the other day, and the developer has explained on XDA that Google removed them and closed his developer account. He alleges he wasn't even given any warning before it happened.


SCR is a full-featured app that offered screen recordings with root before Google added official support in Lollipop.

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HTC One M9 Camera Gets Raw Support Via Update To Camera App


When HTC released the latest in the One series, the biggest change was the 20MP camera. And while we have covered some of the ways that camera hasn't exactly delivered, HTC has continued sending updates to their new flagship with improvements. The latest of these is not a firmware update, but rather an update to the camera app through the Play Store. It brings raw support, something HTC promised when they announced the phone.

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Namco Continues To Not Give A Crap About Tekken, Releases Galaga: Tekken Edition To Prove It

GalagaTekken-ThumbNamco is known for many properties, but many of them have ties back to the 80s and a time period when graphics were measured by the number of colors displayed on-screen at once. Tekken is an edgier, younger franchise in its early 20s that you'd think the company would be proud of. But with the release of Galaga: Tekken Edition, Namco has brought three Tekken-related titles into the Play Store, and none of them actually let you beat people up.

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BrainDance – Android exclusive puzzle game

BrainDance - Android exclusive puzzle game

BrainDance is an Android exclusive puzzle game. You have to start the broken dance floor by dancing to the start button. A bit like playing chess against yourself 50 dance floors Shortest route to the start button earns you a star If you like brainteasers and dance floors from the 80’s, this is for you.... View Article

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Google Messenger updated with quick reply function

Google Messenger is a simple, beautiful, and fast text messaging app. If you haven’t given it a try, you really should because it’s surprisingly excellent. But it got a new feature in the latest update, and it’s a good one. When you get the notification overlay on your Lollipop device, or you expand the notification on any Android device, you’ll be met with a new reply button.

This button opens up a quick reply box on top of whatever you were doing, allowing you to answer a text without leaving your app. It’s a feature that has long been part of third party texting apps, and I think even Samsung got in on the fun with the stock messaging app, but it’s nice to see Google has implemented it into its app as well.

If you want the update, open up Google Play and check if you got it. You might have to wait a little while for it to roll out, but it will be worth it.

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Android 5.1.1 brings Guest Mode to Galaxy S6 and S6 edge

Multiple user accounts on the S6 edge. Photo: SamMobileSamsung’s latest Android 5.1.1 software is bringing Guest Mode to the new Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, allowing owners to set up a secondary account for other users. And if you’re on T-Mobile in the U.S., you can already get your hands on it. Guest Mode was first introduced to Android smartphones with Google’s first

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LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga Touches Down In The Play Store, Still MIA From Amazon

unnamedIf the response to the first Episode VII trailer was any indication, pop culture is going to be positively saturated with Star Wars between now and Christmas. If you're in the mood for a take on the original classic trilogy and the other, not-so-classic trilogy, LEGO is happy to oblige. LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga, originally released for consoles back in 2007, is now on the Play Store for $7.

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LG Expects To Sell 12 Million LG G4’s

LG G4 Leak - 10
The LG G4 was unveiled during yesterday’s event in New York and the company is competing directly against its major rivals, which obviously includes its biggest competitor, Samsung. Besides spec wars, what better way to fuel competition than to see who sells the most.

According to Korean news outlet YonHap news, LG expects that it will sell over 12 million units of its latest flagship smartphone. The phone has already went on sale in South Korea, and is on track for a global release soon. Samsung phones have traditionally came with removable batteries and external storage capabilities, and with the Galaxy S6, both of those features were removed. And because of that, the LG G4 may seem superior as it reintroduces a removable 3000 mAh battery and micro SD Card support for up to 2 TB.

The LG G4 will be sold through all major Canadian carries, although the price has still not been announced yet.

[GSMArena /]

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Evernote Tweaks Pricing Structure Adding A New, More Affordable Subscription Option

unnamed (2)Evernote has added a third tier to their subscription note taking service that fits comfortably between the free and premium options that existed before. The new option, called Evernote Plus, allows users to upload up to 1GB of notes monthly and unlocks offline access to notes on mobile devices, passcode lock, and a feature that lets you turn emails into notes. The new package will run you $2.99 a month or $24.99 per year.

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Google+ v5.4 Begins Rollout In Preparation For New Collections Feature [APK Download]


A few days ago, we posted about a new Google+ feature called Collections expected to launch in early May. An update to the social network's app appeared earlier today, and while it probably won't produce any noticeable changes to the interface for most of us, it's packing everything Google needs to begin rolling out Collections to everybody. There are also some reports that a few users that weren't a part of the initial test group are already getting access.

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TinyKeep Spruces Up The Tired Dungeon Crawler Genre With Impressive Graphics And Physical Controls

unnamed (3)There are a lot of solid dungeon crawlers available in the Play Store - my personal favorite is probably Mage Gauntlet. But whether it's because of the general trend towards the retro visual style or simply because it's easier to implement on mobile, most of them use a top-down 2D pixelated visual style. Not so for TinyKeep. The premiere Android game from developer Digital Tribe bucks those trends for a high-end take on the genre.

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Enjoy a touch of nature with your wireless charging by Fonesalesman

And by nature, I mean a wireless charger made with bamboo and a wireless charging power bank that looks like a rock.

When I was initially told I’d be reviewing a wireless charging power bank, I couldn’t think of a single use case for it. It didn’t make any sense to me. I love wireless charging: it’s the only way I charge my Nexus 5 on a normal day. I love the convenience of it. I also own many power banks. When I’m traveling or away from the house or office for long periods of time, I rely heavily on power banks.

I couldn’t think of a single way a wireless charging power bank would be useful compared to a regular power bank. Most of the time I use a power bank by plugging my phone in and throwing it into my pocket or bag. Sometimes I may use the phone while it’s plugged into the power bank. But a power bank with wireless charging? It’s not going to work in my bag and I’m probably not going to be able to use my phone while it’s charging. So why the wireless charging power bank? I had my mind made up that this was a silly product before I even got it.

But my mind has changed.

I think the wireless charging power bank, the QiStone+ by Fonesalesman, has been marketed wrong. Instead of marketing the QiStone+ as a wireless charging power bank, I think they need to market it as a wireless charger that’s also a power bank. Maybe I sound crazy, but hear me out.

The way I very quickly fell in love with the QiStone+ was just using it as a regular wireless charger. The QiStone+ has a microUSB port like any standard power bank to charge its 4000mAh battery. It can also passthrough charge, meaning that if the QiStone+ is plugged in and charging via the microUSB port and you put your wireless-chargable phone on it, it will begin charging your phone. When you remove your phone, it will continue to charge the QiStone+ battery. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to charge the phone and battery at the same time. But what you have is a wireless charger that is charging a battery when you’re not using it. Then, if you happen to need to charge your phone in a place that isn’t your desk or nightstand, the QiStone+ has you covered.

The QiStone+ will wirelessly charge your phone wherever you are. No outlet needed, until the 4000mAh battery runs out of juice, that is.

Fonesalesman QiStone+ 6

When I was thinking of how silly a wireless charging power bank was, I forgot the beauty of wireless charging. Wireless charging is all about convenience; you don’t have to find the end of your microUSB cable, you don’t have to try to get the cable in your phone in the right orientation. You just set the phone down on the wireless charger and it’s charging. Easy peasy. And I found myself using the wireless charger all around my house: on the the patio, in my living room, and other places that I don’t normally have chargers.

Oh, my phone is dying but I still want it near me and not on my desk or nightstand? I carry the QiStone+ to the middle of my living room where there are no convenient power outlets and set it down on my coffee table. Then I put my phone on it and it’s charging in the middle of the room. Oh, I just got an email? I pick my phone and check it. Then I put it back down on the QiStone+. Boom. It’s charging again. Wireless charging is awesome.

The Fonesalesman QiStone+ has quite a few features for a small stone-shaped gadget. For starters, it’s completely wireless. I don’t get the point of that, but it works. I charged it on my TYLT VU and on the Fonesalesman WoodPuck wireless charger, which I’ll talk about in a bit. Both worked without a hitch. When it’s charging, it has four lights that will blink as the power bank charges. To find out how much charge the QiStone+ has when it’s not charging, all you have to do is tap it or pick it up, and the lights will brighten up to tell you how much charge is left. It comes with a fabric carrying case and two microUSB cables to charge the power bank and charge your friend’s phone. So the QiStone+ can be used like a regular power bank by physically plugging my phone into it and throwing it into my bag if needed. It also comes with plugs to close your phone’s microUSB port so it doesn’t collect lint when not in use.

The QiStone+ uses the Qi wireless standard to both charge and receive power. When you set a Qi-compatible device on it, the QiStone+ will beep at you: it will continue to beep at you if not placed properly or just beep at you once if you’ve place it properly. A blue LED on the side will indicate that it’s charging your device. You can also charge two devices at once with the QiStone+, although I wouldn’t recommend it, as the 4000mAh battery won’t go very far, especially with wireless charging. One phone charges via the wireless charging and the other via the USB port. The QiStone+ does sort of look like a stone, but it doesn’t feel like one. It has a soft, grippy feel to it, which is good for a wireless charger. The last thing you want is your phone slipping off the charger while it’s supposed to be charging.

When I hear myself talk about the convenience of wireless charging, I often think about the Jon Stewart Glass half empty bit. I may sound like a total idiot to you because it’s not hard to just plug your phone in. But if you’re a gadget kind of person that’s willing to give it a try, wireless charging is really great. I’ve found myself genuinely enjoying using the QiStone+, and I would totally recommend it to someone who is looking for a wireless charger. I still don’t know if I’d ever recommend a wireless charging power bank, but if you’re already in the market for a wireless charger, why not get one that you can use away from an outlet too?

Fonesalesman QiStone+ 7 Fonesalesman QiStone+ 6 Fonesalesman QiStone+ 5 Fonesalesman QiStone+ 4 Fonesalesman QiStone+ 3 Fonesalesman QiStone+ 2 Fonesalesman QiStone+ 1 Fonesalesman Qi Chargers 2

I was also lucky enough to review Fonesalesman’s WoodPuck: Bamboo Edition Qi wireless charger. This is another Qi wireless charger that’s made with looks in mind. It’s built using Hand-Harvest Mao Zhu Bamboo, which I learned grows faster than wood so it’s able to be harvested and used in product in sustainable fashion. When you run your hand over the charger, you feel the grains of the bamboo. There aren’t many tech products out there made of wood, and I think this one is done right. It’s a wireless charger you can have on your executive desk and look really nice. It’s not some nerdy plastic puck, it looks more like a fancy thick coaster. It’s classy.

One thing I appreciate about the WoodPuck charger is that it uses a microUSB port to power it. It doesn’t come with a wall adapter, just a microUSB cable, but any phone adapter or computer will be able to power the Qi charger. I have several TYLT wireless chargers that don’t use microUSB for power and I never take them anywhere because it would require me to bring bulky cables and wall adapters. These Fonesalesman Qi chargers don’t require me to bring anything extra beyond my phone’s charger and cable. Another thing to note is that the microUSB port for the WoodPuck is neatly hidden away under the puck. It’s just a very simple, well-thought out design.

The use of the bamboo WoodPuck charger is very simple. Just like the QiStone+, there is an audible notification when the Qi-compatible device is placed on the puck. If the device is positioned properly, it will only beep once. If not, the device will continue to beep until you adjust it. One thing to note: I have some super-thick cases on my old Nexus 7 (2013)s that I use for my kids. I had a difficult time getting the WoodPuck to charge through the very thick cases, but I don’t have an issue with those same cases with the TYLT VU. Thinner cases that I have with my Nexus 5 had no issue. Other than that thick case problem, I had no issues with using the WoodPuck.

Fonesalesman Qi Chargers 1 Fonesalesman Bamboo Qi Charger 4 Fonesalesman Bamboo Qi Charger 3 Fonesalesman Bamboo Qi Charger 2 Fonesalesman Bamboo Qi Charger 1

The Fonesalesman QiStone+ is available now on the Fonesalesman website with free shipping to the UK and US for $68. Amazon has it for $60. The Fonesaleman WoodPuck is available on the Fonesalesman website for $60. A quick search found the WoodPuck on Amazon for $35. If you look around, you may find it cheaper elsewhere.

What do you think of these fine Qi wireless charger offerings from Fonesalesman? Do you find the wireless charging power bank silly? Do you think wireless charging is silly? Do you wish you had one made with bamboo? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.

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