This dual-layer hard case for the 2nd gen Motorola Moto G is only $6.95 today

This Motorola Moto G (2nd Gen.) hybrid case provides serious protection against drops and scratches while sporting a built-in kickstand that can be used for watching movies and more. The inner-most layer is made of a shock absorbing silicone that sits underneath a thick plastic exterior. Get yours today and save 46%

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11 best new Android apps and Android games released in February 2015

Sprint’s new plan includes unlimited talk, text, data, and your phone for one price

Sprint today announced a new plan that’ll launch on March 1, but if you want to sign up for it, you won’t be able to do so at a Sprint store.

The new Best Buy One Plan will be available starting March 1, and it’ll only be available at Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile stores. The plan will include unlimited talk, text, and data, as well as a two-year lease on a shiny new Android smartphone.

Pricing will be set at $75 per month for devices like the Samsung Galaxy S5 or LG G3, though Sprint says that other devices will be available for lease and that pricing may vary. If you’d prefer a 12-month lease to a 24-month one, you can pony up an extra $10 per month and upgrade every year. Finally, customers that sign up for a new line of service on a Best Buy One Plan will get a $200 Best Buy gift card.

Sprint says that both new and existing customers can get the Best Buy One Plan, so if you’re ready to upgrade to a new phone, you can mosey on in to your local Best Buy and get this new plan on Sunday.

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NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet receives hotfix with minor enhancements


Owners of the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet should start noticing a popup to install an update with minor enhancements. Labeled version 2.2.1, this hotfix improves areas such as the display and video streaming.

The update includes the following according to NVIDIA:

  • Display color-space correction

  • Improvements to Netflix experience

Source: NVIDIA

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Need 128GB of flash storage in a mobile device? Samsung is making it happen


Dedicated storage in a mobile device is becoming extremely slim as files are getting bigger and bigger. The sizes of applications, games, photographs, and videos today would never fit on a device released two or more years ago. That explains why consumers clamor for flagship devices to have microSD card slots. Fortunately, Samsung has announced the mass production of its 128GB memory that uses Universal Flash Storage (UFS) 2.0 technology.

Here is a quote from Samsung’s Jee-ho Baek, Senior Vice President of Memory Marketing:

“With our mass production of ultra-fast UFS memory of the industry’s highest capacity, we are making a significant contribution to enable a more advanced mobile experience for consumers. In the future, we will increase the proportion of high-capacity memory solutions, in leading the continued growth of the premium memory market.”

Samsung claims that its UFS memory can outperform the speed of reading found in current high-end smartphones by 2.7 times.

Worried about the price of this, especially when the amount of storage is 128GB? Don’t worry, Samsung also has 32GB and 64GB variants.

There is a possibility that we see this form of storage debut on Sunday when the Galaxy S 6 is announced for the world to see at MWC 2015.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow

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Mad Catz announces the S.U.R.F.R. and L.Y.N.X. 3 game controllers ahead of MWC 2015

Sprint announces new $75 wireless plan offered exclusively through Best Buy

Sprint announced today that it has partnered with Best Buy to offer an exclusive unlimited plan, fittingly called the "Best Buy One Plan," through the retailer starting at $75 per month with a leased Android device.

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Google rethinks Mountain View campus with new proposal


Certain locations are synonymous with companies headquartered there — Redmond (Microsoft), Cupertino (Apple), Mountain View (Google). While Microsoft is sitting comfortably in its current campus, Apple is expanding with a multi-billion dollar campus resembling a giant ring. That project is set to complete sometime next year. Google, too, wants to expand and has revealed what it will propose to Mountain View’s City Council.

The North Bayshore section is targeted by Google for the construction of lightweight block-like structures to allow constant rearranging. The company notes that different teams, such as self-driving and Search, have different needs. Massive canopies are featured in the proposal and Google shows trees, cafes, bike paths, and landscaping spread throughout the area.

Hit the break for images and a video tour of the proposal.

SHORELINE_MIR Master Plan_LANDINGS_Oak Savannah_LIGHTENED LANDINGS_INT_MIR Huff_Exterior_West Entry Green-Loop_Exterior_03 Google / HS / BIG - View02 Charleston-South_Interior_Cycle Track Charleston-South_Exterior_Softgrid Charleston-South_Exterior_NW-Plaza

Click here to view the embedded video.

Source: Official Google Blog, Google+

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Mad Catz announces mobile game and media controllers


There are two new controllers announced available for pre-order today from Mad Catz. The company unveiled the L.Y.N.X.3 and S.U.R.F.r controllers for consumers that want optimal gaming and media consumption controllers for their mobile devices. Mad Catz provides plenty of buttons controls while keeping the hardware compact.

For mobile gamers, the L.Y.N.X.3 is the ideal controller as it mimics the design of a standard gaming controller. There are two analog sticks, shoulder buttons, four action buttons, and a directional pad. The L.Y.N.X.3 itself looks so unique because of its ability to fold and fit into tight spaces. The analog sticks fold inward and the clip comes over the entire controller to confirm its closure. Mad Catz ported over the PC, Mobile Game, and Multimedia modes from the bigger L.Y.N.X.9, too. An app available in the Play Store allows gamers to assign controls to specific genres.


Being that it has a full QWERTY keyboard, the S.U.R.F.r acts as the perfect accessory for media consumption. This controller works with various platforms and services such as Android TV and Amazon Fire TV. In addition to a full keyboard and media buttons like any other remote, the S.U.R.F.r has dual analog sticks. And, for some gaming, it has makeshift shoulder and action buttons as well as a directional pad.

Both products will be available for demonstrations at Mad Catz’s booth at MWC 2015. The L.Y.N.X.3 sells for $69 and the S.U.R.F.r’s price is $79.

Source: Mad Catz (1) (2)

[L.Y.N.X3 - Pre-order Link] [S.U.R.F.r - Pre-order Link]

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Unannounced Huawei Watch exposes itself in Barcelona


This weekend will see the the arrival of new phones, tablets, wearables, and more as hardware manufacturers head out to Barcelona for MWC 2015. Spotted inside Barcelona Airport by incoming press members is the advertisement seen above. It shows an unannounced smartwatch belonging to Huawei promoted for everyone to see. That’s right, Huawei has exposed its own product prior to any sort of official announcement.

The advertisement displays what is called the Huawei Watch and the following tagline: “Timeless design. Smart within.” Below that, Huawei offers an explanation of both adjectives. The Huawei Watch is timeless because of its classic design while being smart due to Android Wear.

The device does look very classic and stylish, so it will be interesting to see where the Chinese company sets its price. Also, the watch faces seen in the advertisement match the class of the Huawei Watch’s design.

Source: Android Central

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Woolet aims to be the wallet you’ll never lose

Shake Your Android Phone or Tablet to Generate Writing Prompts

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shakephrase Shake-a-Phrase is a fun app for elementary school and middle school students to use to start stories and practice recognizing parts of speech. It was initially launched as an iPad app and I just discovered this week that it’s also available fore Android users.

Shake-a-Phrase has three basic modes; shake it, story starter, and quiz mode. Each mode has five themes; animals, monsters, fairy tales, sports, and random. In “shake it” mode students shake their phones or tablets to have complete, but random sentences appear on their screens. The “story starter” mode presents students with a new random story prompt each time they shake their tablets. In both of these modes students can favorite sentences and prompts to refer to later. Shake-a-Phrase’s quiz mode presents students with random sentences in which they have to identify nouns, adjectives, verbs, conjunctions, and prepositions.

Students enjoy using Shake-a-Phrase, in part, because of the physical act of shaking their tablets to start a story. They’ll also enjoy it because of the fun sentences that are generated by the app. If you only have one tablet in your classroom, consider using Shake-a-Phrase as a story prompt generator. Each time you use it you could have a different student take a turn shaking the tablet. Just make sure you have a good case on that tablet first.

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