OnePlus One screens reveal a little bit of the interface


OnePlus has been moving along in a methodical way toward the release of the CyanogenMod powered OnePlus One smartphone on April 23, 2014. The marketing team has been slowly releasing bits of information, but thus far the focus has been on hardware. That changed today when a tipster shared a couple images from the operating system. The first issue noted is that the screens are for “CyanogenMod 11S” as opposed to a plain “11″ that is used in reference to the original CyanogenMod system. It appears this is an indication that some special customizations have been made to CyanogenMod 11 for use on the new OnePlus One.

One of the screens shows a version of the lock screen showing various items like the date, weather, time and battery level on a solid background. A space is also available for display of incoming messages. Absent is any indication of an unlock slider and sources are not sure whether users will be able to trigger other apps via lock screen gestures.

The second screen shows some “about” information for the device. Immediately noticeable are the three on-screen buttons for Android as opposed to hardware buttons. This particular screenshot indicates the device is a “One” and is running an Android 4.4.2 base.

source: Engadget

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Here’s our first glimpse at CyanogenMod on the OnePlus One


OnePlus has always said their version of CyanogenMod would be a little bit different than what users are used to from the custom ROM. The OnePlus One has been built from the ground up for CyanogenMod, after all, and it deserves some special attention for the first launch of this exciting new smartphone. But how, exactly, will it change?

That story hasn’t been fully told yet, though early details confirm CyanogenMod will implement always-listening hands-free voice controls. A new leak today gives us a bit more, though, with the first shots of the lock-screen being leaked to Engadget.

The lock-screen includes a healthy helping of Blue, natch, and feeds typical information such as time, date, battery life and latest messages and appointments. It also shows a nice blurred image to jazz it up a bit. All in all it looks aesthetically pleasing, and if you don’t like the lock-screen there are sure to be replacements that fit your needs in Google Play.

The latest screens also confirm that the OnePlus One will utilize software buttons, so there’s our first bit of confirmation about the phone’s design ahead of its full unveiling taking place late next month. Further details from the leak confirm that this build will be KitKat based, with OnePlus’s fork specifically called CyanogenMod 11S.

That’s all we have to go on right now, but all should be told April 23rd when they finally take the wraps off this thing.

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Development of the LG G Flex 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Round 2 diverging


While currently filling a niche market, smartphones with flexible displays haven’t really taken off. Even so, companies like LG and Samsung are still working on devices with this tech. However, the companies seem to be taking different directions in what they want to accomplish with their devices.

LG appears to be working on improving the performance of its AMOLED screens. It will do so by increasing the resolution while also shrinking the panel to 5.5 inches. Other areas up for improvement include solving an issue with “ghosting” images as the display heats up.

Samsung looks to heading towards aesthetics in mind. The Korean giant will be building displays of different shapes and curvatures that may include horizontal, vertical and edge curvatures.

Both companies appear to be taking a page out of each other’s playbooks and focusing on the opposite of what their devices had going for them in 2013. LG had the better designed G Flex, and Samsung had the higher resolution display in the Round. Of course time will tell on if fixing these shortcomings will have any effect on financial performance of each company, this year.

source: et news

via: G for Games

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Screenshots leak of CyanogenMod OS on the OnePlus One

OnePlus is constantly hyping its upcoming phone, the One, with reveals of specs and such. One of the interesting features is that the One, rather than running stock Android, runs CyanogenMod. Up until this point, we haven’t seen much of what this will look like, but now the folks over at Engadget have managed to get their hands on a couple of leaked screenshots from the OnePlus One, showing how CyanogenMod OS will look on the OnePlus One.

CyanogenMod 11S OnePlus One

First off, it’s actually called CyanogenMod 11S, with the S implying that OnePlus will make some modifications. Judging by the screenshot of the lock screen, we can already see some of those changes in action, as CyanogenMod’s standard lock screen is much different. There’s also a screenshot of the About Phone settings page, but this doesn’t reveal anything other than the fact that the phone is running Android 4.4.2 and is named the One. With this glimpse at the UI, we’re excited to see what the rest of it looks like when it’s revealed on April 23.

Are you excited for the OnePlus One?

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Samsung Galaxy S 5 features baby monitor

While today’s phones come loaded with every possible feature under the sun, some of them serve a purpose of more than just being a gimmick. A new example of that would be the baby monitor feature found in the Galaxy S 5. While Samsung didn’t advertise the Galaxy S 5 as a baby monitor, it turns out that deep in the settings, there is indeed an option to use the Galaxy S 5 as a baby monitor.

Galaxy S 5 Baby Monitor

The feature uses the Galaxy S 5 as a baby monitor that pairs with the Galaxy Gear to let you know if your baby is in distress. You simply turn the feature on, and set the Galaxy S 5 next to the baby’s crib. If the baby wakes up and begins to cry, the Galaxy S 5 will recognize the sound and send a notification to the paired Galaxy Gear. Possibly the reason behind Samsung’s lack of marketing on the feature is that it comes with a whole lot of instructions on the proper usage of the mode, as well as a lot of disclaimers. But if you’re dedicated to trying out new features on your phone, this is an interesting one to try.

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Verizon variant of the Galaxy Tab 4 arrives at the FCC

samsung_galaxy_tab_4_10.1_leak Pictures leaked yesterday of the Galaxy Tab 4, and it looks like the Verizon variant has made its way to the FCC. It sports the model number of SM-T537V and has been certified on LTE bands 4 and 13. Dimension show it as being 10.1 inches. Although there isn’t official information regarding specs of the device, it’s been rumored to have some that aren’t really going to wow anyone.

Rumors have the display pegged at a 1280×800 resolution and a Snapdragon 400 chipset clocked at 1.2 GHz. It will have 1 to 1.5 GB of RAM with 16 GB of internal storage — of course a chunk of that won’t be usable. It will come with a 6,800 mAh battery and will have a rear camera (probably around 3MP). It will come with Android 4.4.2 out of the box.

Like I said, the specs won’t really impress anybody, but this may be a good tablet to have for road trips with the kids, or at least a way to get people to spring for the more expensive Galaxy TabPRO series.

source: FCC

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Music Boss for Pebble update adds Chromecast controls

music boss for pebble

Music Boss for Pebble is receiving a great new update that will bring key functionality for Chrome users. You will now be able to control your Chromecast’s volume and playback from your Pebble smart watch. It doesn’t cover the full gamut of features you’d probably need, such as shuffle and repeat, but you will be able to pause and resume playback, and adjust volume with ease.

Music Boss works with many different media players, including Google Play Music, Netflix, Songza and more, and can bet setup to work only with apps which respond to media buttons. Setup isn’t too complicated, either — you can find the quick and easy steps to get your Pebble setup with your Chromecast right here.

The app is $1.99 in the Google Play Store, but many users swear by its usefulness. Count your pennies up and head to the Google Play Store to buy it, and those who have already dropped coin for it will obviously be treated to a free upgrade.

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How to root the Verizon HTC One M8 using WeakSauce by jcase

htc one m8 hands-on 1

Verizon’s HTC One M8 may not have enjoyed a day one root, but it didn’t take long for one developer to do the deed. Prominent developer jcase has dropped the first root method for the device, giving users a way to get advanced access to their phones for things like backing your firmware up or overclocking. It’s called WeakSauce, and it’s available for use right now.

Unfortunately this method does not give us S-OFF, but it’s a good first start to what should hopefully blossom into a very popular phone in the development community. So how do you get going with it? Here are the super simple instructions straight from XDA:

The exploit used in WeakSauce will gain root, and will mount a new xbin containing busybox and su. It’s not sticky in the sense that it can stick without an app, but as long as you have WeakSauce installed your device will automatically re-root on each boot.

And that’s it. Want to uninstall? Simply uninstall WeakSauce, then uninstall SuperSu. Couldn’t be any more simple than that. Head over to XDA for troubleshooting support and download links, and be sure to donate a couple of bucks to jcase if you’ve got it — wouldn’t want to see a developer like that not be rewarded for his hard work, would we?

[Thanks, Otis!]

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Samsung and Apple preparing for second patent trial starting tomorrow


It seems like it will never end. Patent wars between Samsung and Apple are set to continue tomorrow, with the second trial between the two companies beginning tomorrow. The end of the first trial saw Apple winning $928.8 million from Samsung, which is $450 million less than the original amount. Both companies are appealing that decision.

This next trial will likely have more on the line because the devices involved will also include newer models. According to Apple, the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Tab 2 also violate five patents each. These patents include “slide-to-unlock” and universal search.

Apple did not get what they wanted after the first trial, even with the $928.8 million. What they were seeking was a permanent injunction against Samsung, preventing the company from selling products in the U.S. This trial will see Apple try again to get a sales ban. Samsung is also expected to call on Google executives to help discredit Apple’s claims.

Source: San Jose Mercury News

Via: PhoneArena

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VUDU gets Chromecast support with latest update


After promising Chromecast support earlier this month, VUDU has delivered. VUDU, the service that allows you to rent or buy movies and stream them, can now be used with Chromecast. So instead of just streaming content on your smartphone or tablet, the update will let you cast it to the big screen. VUDU is also an UltraViolet provider; therefore, compatible digital copies of DVDs and Blu-Ray discs in your library can be casted to a television as well.

Hit the break for download links.

qr code

Play Store Download Link

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Music Boss For Pebble Can Now Control Playback And Volume On Chromecast Content From Your Smartwatch

unnamed (6) OK, Music Boss, admit it: you tried pretty hard to get out attention with the update. I mean, Pebble smartwatches, streaming movies, and Chromecast all in the same story? How could we resist?


Music Boss is a robust way to control playback of various media apps via your Pebble or Pebble Steel smartwatch, and it was also one of the very first additions to the official Pebble app store. The tool is light-years ahead of the basic music player built into the Pebble, allowing users to launch and switch Android music apps, adjust volume, and integrate with more esoteric apps like Tasker.

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[New App] Coursera Brings Its Free Online Classes And Lectures To Android

unnamed (1) Going to school online is what all the cool kids are doing. And the really cool kids are doing it without paying a dime (if you can stretch the definition of "school" to services offering commitment-free classes to thousands of people at once who don't earn college credit). Coursera is one of the more popular options for this non-traditional learning, and now it's got an Android app to make it even easier.

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[New App] Coursera Brings Its Free Online Classes And Lectures To Android was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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VUDU updated to version 1.5, adds promised Chromecast support


Earlier this month, popular UltraViolet video locker service VUDU announced a beta program for testing Chromecast support. Just as promised, VUDU for Chromecast has graduated from beta and is now available on the Google Play Store, making VUDU the only UltraViolet provider with Chromecast support.

Vudu-6 Vudu-2 Vudu-1 Vudu-3 Vudu-7 Vudu-4

For those not aware, UltraViolet is the primary method for obtaining digital copies of purchased DVD’s and BLU-ray discs. Any UltraViolet account can be blinked to VUDU, instantly allowing your to watch your purchased movies and TV shows on Chromecast.

If you don’t already have a VUDU account, you can visit and sign up for a free account. If you add your billing information, you’ll get 5 free HD movies to help you get your account started. Not bad, especially for those that are looking to cut the cord.

Download VUDU on the Google Play Store.

Thanks Mike!

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The Samsung Galaxy S5 will feature a baby monitor


The new Samsung Galaxy S5 has a number of great new features, including a heart rate sensor and a fingerprint scanner. But that’s not all that the new device is set to include. Now we know that the Galaxy S5 will also include a baby monitor, alerting the parent when their child starts crying.

This new feature isn’t exactly being advertised, and is actually kind of hidden inside the “accessibility menu” of the device. Essentially, the device emits vibrating alerts on a Galaxy Gear that’s paired with the device. According to Samsung, the feature works best when the S5 is within 1 meter of the baby and there’s no background noise.

Source: SoyaCincau
Via: GSMArena

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Picture of rugged Moto G Forte leaks

moto G forte

If the image above leaked by @evleaks is to be believed, it looks like Motorola might be trying to get into the rugged smartphone market. The image shows a Moto G Forte, which looks like a bulky, more durable Moto G. While it’s pretty unlikely that this will end up being a completely waterproof and shatterproof device, we might see some water resistance, similar to some of Samsung’s newer devices.

Hopefully we won’t have to wait too much longer before Motorola makes this one official.

source: @evleaksES

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Bill reminders and payment links may be coming to Google Now

Nexus 5 Google Now

Android Police recently decompiled the latest Google Now .apk file and found some pretty interesting bits of code that may turn into a helpful Google Now feature in the near future. According to the teardown, there are some strings and information that indicate that Google will be able to remind you about when you have bills coming up, and will even offer quick links to pay them online.

A reminder might, for example, show you a credit card payment that’s due soon, complete with the total balance on the account, the minimum payment due, and a link to the card’s website for payment. Sounds great on paper, but as with any other financial information, it’s some pretty sensitive stuff. It looks like Google will at least hide some of the account numbers for things like credit cards, and you can turn the feature off completely, of course.

This feature may end up getting scrapped before Google makes it official, but it’s looking pretty likely that it’ll make its way into some future build of Google Now.

What do you think? Would you let Google Now keep tabs on your open accounts and bills?

source: Android Police

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PlayOn testing Chromecast support in latest beta


PlayOn is a fantastic service that acts pretty similarly to a Roku box. You set up the PlayOn server on a computer, then that server slings content to compatible devices, which could be an Android device, Xbox 360, or another computer. It offers tons of different channels and plug-ins that do are as broad as offering links to stream shows online, or as specific as finding foreign news broadcasts. It can also be useful for streaming Netflix to devices that don’t officially support Netflix (which was a much bigger deal before every internet-connected device had a Netflix app) or local media to, say, your Android tablet.

In the latest PlayOn beta, they’re fine tuning Chromecast support, which is some pretty big news considering how much content that will add to Google’s Chromecast. Playback will rely on using the Android app or web extension to find the content you want to watch, then streaming to the Chromecast from there, so it’s looking like it will work like most other Chromecast apps. Being able to stream video from a web browser looks like it’ll be extremely handy, since that’s one area that the Chromecast has been a bit behind in since its launch.

If you’re interested and are already a PlayOn subscriber, you can test out the beta link below. If you haven’t used PlayOn yet, they offer a free trial, and now is a great time to take advantage of that.

source: PlayOn

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