Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in pink coming to the UK via Phones 4u


Phones 4u, the UK retailer, hopes to capitalize on potential Samsung Galaxy Note 3 buyers who want something a little unique by being the exclusive source for a pink version of the large, stylus-equipped smartphone. The Galaxy Note 3 is also available in black and white. Phones 4u has already started selling the Galaxy Note 3 online, including the pink version, and the device will be available in retail locations starting on Friday. In addition to the exclusive color option, Phones 4u is throwing in some freebies for buyers including a £120 ($193 USD) wireless speaker, three months of 4u Wi-Fi and either Sky Sports Mobile or Spotify Premium if the buyer opts for a Vodafone 4G plan.

samsung_galaxy_note_3_pink_03 samsung_galaxy_note_3_pink_02

source: Phones 4u

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Readmill – a beautiful ebook reader (Review)

Readmill is a modern, intuitive, simple, yet beautifully designed ebook reader that includes an innovative feature set, impressive user interface and certainly offers a great alternative to the likes of Kindle and Aldiko Book Reader. If you’re a big reader and like to access books on the go, this could well be the option for... View Article

Readmill – a beautiful ebook reader (Review) is a post from the World's Largest Global Brand for Android App Reviews:

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Themer takes another Beta step in latest update


Themer, a new custom launcher from MyColorScreen, has taken another step on the way to being an officially released app. For the past four weeks, users who wanted to try out a beta build of Themer could enter their email address on the MyColorScreen web site in order to receive an activation code to be able to use the app. MyColorScreen has reported they have had 550,000 users apply for a code to be part of the quasi-open beta program and those users downloaded over 1.5 million themes. The update released yesterday removes the requirement for an activation code, so anyone with an Android 4.1 or better smartphone can install the free app and start installing themes immediately.

While easier to access now, Themer is still in a beta phase. There are a lot of users who have reported problems, both with individual themes as well as the settings for the app in general. The update does address some crash fixes. MyColorScreen also indicates they have added a “Hide Apps” function for the App Drawer, transparency for the App Drawer, and the ability to “Edit Favorites” in the App Drawer.

Hit one of the download links below after checking out some screenshots if you want to give Themer a try while it is still in beta.

themer_app_screen_05 themer_app_screen_04 themer_app_screen_03 themer_app_screen_02 themer_app_screen_01

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Google Play Download Link

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The Great American Glass Contest: Win 1 of 9 Google Glass Invites!

If you cannot afford $1,500 for Google Glass or are an International Participant you are still eligible. In the event you win, we’ll substitute the Glass Invite with a $50 Google Play Gift Card and donate your invite to one random Android Forums member from this thread.


We first reviewed Google Glass in May but interest in the wearable tech hasn’t slowed down since the product was first announced and Sergey Brin jumped out of a plane to illustrate it’s features. In just the past few days, despite the relentless churn of Nexus 5 rumors, Glass has demanded some limelight: floating retail store rumors surfaced, new hardware announcements were made, Glass earbuds unveiled with a full accessory shop, and we even saw cops ticketing people for driving with Glass.

But our favorite announcement has been Google giving each Glass Explorer the opportunity to invite 3 new Explorers to the program. Three Phandroid members are Glass Explorers – Rob Jackson (my Google+), Chris Chavez (Google+), and Steve Albright (Google+) – which makes a total of 9 Google Glass Invites at our disposal.

Nothing would give us more joy than to pass this opportunity along to the people that make Phandroid and Android Forums what they are… YOU! So today, we’re announcing that all 9 of these invites will be given away in what we’re calling “The Great American Glass Contest”.

The Great American Glass Contest

Starting today, we’ll post a contest every day for 9 straight days, updating the status of each contest as we go. Some contests may be completely random, others may require creativity. Some contests may be “first to post”, others may allow multiple entries for several days. The general schedule is below, but as usual, checking into Phandroid every day provides you the best chance at winning (and succeeding in life).

  • Day 1: Nexus 5 Forum Frenzy (Contest open through Nov 4th)

  • Day 2: Photoshop contest

  • Day 3: Rafflecopter #1

  • Day 4: #GlassPhan contest

  • Day 5: Rafflecopter #2

  • Day 6: Developer Appreciation Contests

  • Day 7: On your mark. Get set…

  • Day 8: Mystery Word Hunt

  • Day 9: AF Staff Appreciation

Day 1 Contest: Nexus 5 Forum Frenzy

  • Visit Android Forums and if you haven’t already, sign up for a free account

  • Head over to our Nexus 5 Forum

  • Engage in conversation, making at least 5 meaningful posts in the Nexus 5 Forum (Ex: “Thanks” and “I agree” do not count as posts)

  • At least one of these posts must be a New Thread. (If you’re already signed up and logged in you can create a new thread by clicking here.)

  • We’ll look at the Top 10 threads based on internal metrics (pageviews, likes, thanks, G+, etc…) and choose one winner at random from this pool of finalists

  • Entry requirements must be met by November 4th, 2013 at 11:59PM Eastern

  • Winner will be announced on November 5th, 2013 on

  • Winner will be contacted through the e-mail address provided during forum registration

  • Winner may NOT provide an alternate e-mail address to submit for Google Glass invite unless otherwise noted or agreed upon by Phandroid staff


Follow these Google+ accounts to get an early heads up when contest posts will soon be going live and additional hints at how to improve your chances of winning.

Contest Rules & Requirements

  • Must be 18+ or older

  • International applicants and those unwilling or unable to spend $1,500 can still enter to win, but their Glass Invite will be substituted with a $50 Google Play Store gift card and their Glass invite donated to a random established forum member from this thread.

  • To receive Glass invite, winners must be a US resident.

  • To receive Glass invite, winners must provide a US shipping address.

  • To receive Glass invite, winners must provide a valid E-Mail address directly associated with contest entry.

  • Winners will have 24 hours to respond to the winning notification e-mail. If staff have not received a response and/or proper Glass Invite submission information furnished within 24 hours, Phandroid staff may elect to disqualify this entrant and name another winner

  • Winners must prove that the E-Mail address provided for submission to the Glass Invite system is owned and maintained by the winner. Transfer or Sale of winning invite is not authorized and any attempt to do so will result in disqualification.

Contest Terms of Service:

  • Contest winners are not guaranteed Google Glass hardware, they are only guaranteed that Phandroid staff will submit the furnished E-Mail address to Google’s automated invite system for current Google Glass Explorers.

  • By entering this contest, entrants understand agree that Phandroid is only responsible for submitting the winners e-mail address through the Google Glass Invite system and beyond this measure, no promises or guarantees can or will be made.

  • In the event that Google removes, changes, edits, disqualifies, limits, or in any way alters their Glass Invite process to prevent from submitting invites or fulfilling invites, entrants shall hold and Neverstill Media harmless

  • Phandroid reserves the right to disqualify entrants at sole discretion of Phandroid staff, for reasons including but not limited to: attempting to “game” the contest, spamming contest posts/threads, creating multiple accounts, demeaning or trolling competing entries, using automated systems to improve chances, etc…

  • By entering this promotion, participants agree, to the fullest extent permitted under applicable law, to release, discharge and hold harmless Neverstill Media, its affiliates, respective owners, and representatives from any and all damages, liabilities, costs and expenses which may arise out of participation in this promotion or out of the acceptance, use, or misuse of prizes. By participating, you agree to these Official Rules and to the decisions of the judges whose decisions shall be deemed final and binding.

What are you waiting for? Head on over to the Nexus 5 Forum and get your awesome on!

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Sony hits a milestone: 10 million Xperia devices sold last quarter

sony xperia logo

We’re fans of Sony’s devices here at Android Authority and we root for the storied Japanese company to show that it can make it big in the mobile industry. The good news today is that Sony seems to be on the right path, with another quarter of growing device sales and revenue. However, in absolute terms, the growth is not that impressive.

Sony released its earnings results for Q2 of fiscal year 2013, which is the three months period ending on September 30. At a global level, the company had to cut its profit estimation for the year, from roughly $500 million to the equivalent of $300. Units like cameras and TVs, once Sony’s bread and butter, continued to decline, but the losses were offset by the sensor business and the mobile unit.

Sony managed to sell 10 million Xperia devices in the July-September period, compared to 9.6 million in the previous quarter, and 8.8 million in the same quarter of 2012. That’s a steady growth, though not a spectacular one. Despite the relatively small jump, Sony racked in almost 40 percent more in sales than in Q2 2012, thanks to the favorable exchange course and an increase in the average sale price of its devices.

It’s worth noting that Sony only got to sell its newly launched flagship, the Xperia Z1, in a handful of markets in Q2 2013, so it’s likely that the current quarter will bring a more substantial growth.

The Japanese company maintains its goal of selling 42 million units in fiscal year 2013, which seems quite doable at this point. Many reviewers, including our own Joshua Vergara, appreciated the Xperia Z1 for its great design, build quality and specifications, and, if this sentiment translates into sales, Sony maybe in for a merry Christmas this year.

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Pandora is now officially compatible with the Chromecast


Yesterday, Pandora updated their Android app bringing tablet support, but one thing Jeff Causey mentioned in his post was that the Chromecast button was present, but it didn’t work. Sometime between yesterday and today, the button became functional.

You don’t need to update the app again, but you might need to force close it to get the functionality working. If you never tried Pandora, you might want to give it a shot if you own a Chromecast, since it’s the only other option, other than Play Music, for your listening pleasure. Hit the break for download links.

QR Code generator
Play Store Download Link

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HTC’s next flagship is codenamed M8 and will sport Sense 6.0


Last year’s flagship, the HTC One, was codenamed M7, and it looks like the next iteration is codenamed M8. Unfortunately we don’t have anymore info other than, unsurprisingly, it will sport Sense 6.0. Based on HTC’s track record, you can expect to see this device announced in February or March of next year. The One was announced in February 2013 just before Mobile World Congress.

The big question is what will they call this phone? Could it be the HTC Two or some sort of play on “HTC One”. This is only the beginning of what will be several months of leak after leak so stay tuned.

source: @evleaks

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Nexus 5 innards leak


So you are drinking your morning coffee and you’re thinking to yourself, “I would really like to see what the Nexus 5 looks like inside.” Guess what? We got you covered. These leaked images include the components, battery, rear camera, front-facing camera, microphone jack, and more. Hit the break for the full gallery.

Nexus_5_Inner_Components_Leak_02 Nexus_5_Inner_Components_Leak_03 Nexus_5_Inner_Components_Leak_04 Nexus_5_Inner_Components_Leak_05 Nexus_5_Inner_Components_Leak_06 Nexus_5_Inner_Components_Leak_07 Nexus_5_Inner_Components_Leak_08 Nexus_5_Inner_Components_Leak_09 Nexus_5_Inner_Components_Leak_10 Nexus_5_Inner_Components_Leak_11

source; fanaticfone

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Blizzard Releases Official BlizzCon 2013 Guide For Android, A Free Virtual Planner Aimed At This Year's Attendees

BlizzCon-Thumb Blizzard's franchises have so many followers that someone could fill a conference building with legions of fans and throw a party in their honor. Actually, such an event already exists. Blizzard hosts BlizzCon every year and invites thousands of players to come celebrate WarCraft, StarCraft, and Diablo. It lasts for two days, but considering how many hours conference goers have already invested into these titles, this amounts to little more than another quest.

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Blizzard Releases Official BlizzCon 2013 Guide For Android, A Free Virtual Planner Aimed At This Year's Attendees was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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[New Game] Kairosoft's Pocket Harvest Gives You A Pair Of Overalls, Your Very Own Farm, And Plenty Of Mouths To Feed

Harvest-Thumb A new Kairosoft game is out, so that means it's time to put away that trigger finger and dig out your thinking cap, because it's time to manage property. Some of the company's previous titles have placed players in feudal Japan, on a soccer field, or atop luxurious apartment complexes, but its latest game plays it even safer. Pocket Harvest puts you at the head of your very own farm, a concept that has grown so ubiquitous through games like Harvest Moon and Farmville that it now ranks somewhere up there with Tetris and Solitaire.

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[New Game] Kairosoft's Pocket Harvest Gives You A Pair Of Overalls, Your Very Own Farm, And Plenty Of Mouths To Feed was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Pandora update finally enables Chromecast

pandora chromecast tablets

The other day, Pandora announced a brand new upgrade that would bring us the tablet user interface we’ve all been waiting for. While that alone was big enough, we noticed something in the Google Play screenshots that wasn’t in the app itself — a Chromecast icon! Pandora was listed as a Chromecast partner from the get-go, but they took their sweet time adding support in their apps. Thankfully, that is no longer the case.

A new upgrade today officially brings Chromecast support, so you can easily beam your tunes to your entertainment center (that’s if you don’t prefer feeding your tunes through other means already). The upgrade is simple, quick, and worth your time if you own the little $35 HDMI-based media dongle that could, so be sure to find it in the Google Play Store.

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Runtastic Wants To Make Exercise More Interesting With Story Running, A Mix Of Guided Workouts And Audiobooks

unnamed (13) For a lot of people, running is boring, which is a major impedance to getting the exercise that many of us sorely need. Runtastic has already dabbled in some interesting mixes of fiction/gameplay and workouts with Zombies, Run, but now they're expanding their efforts to include people who might not enjoy being chased by undead monsters living in their headphones. The new feature is called Story Running. Generic promotional video ahoy!

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Runtastic Wants To Make Exercise More Interesting With Story Running, A Mix Of Guided Workouts And Audiobooks was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Happy Halloween! Get your spook on with these game sales


We’re in the midst of another fun holiday, and you know Google has to celebrate the best way they know how — with tons of games on sale to celebrate! Zombies will be the core theme of this list, of course, but there’s a little something here for just about everybody. Check your wallet, and if your funds are looking right then be sure to dig right into the following list:

And that’s just what Google is advertising in the Google Play Store. There are sure to be more great apps and games on sale today, so if we come across any of them we’ll be updating this list. You can also make us privy to games we don’t have on the list in the comments section below. Have fun, and try not to let your sweet tooth get the best of you today!

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Nexus 5 launch, unboxing, print ad and more sightings – last minute rumors (Update: hands-on)

Nexus 5 press image

Google is yet to unveil the Nexus 5, but the phone keeps popping up in various reports, most of them indicating that the launch is imminent.

Nexus 5 release date

As some of the previous rumors have said, it looks like the phone will be unveiled at some point tomorrow, but there won’t be a special event for it. Instead, Google should just launch the device.

Android Police’s Artem Russakovskii has heard from several sources that the launch is happening tomorrow, October 31:

Several previously reliable sources have confirmed that the Nexus 5 (I have no information about KitKat, sorry, just sticking to N5) launch is indeed scheduled for tomorrow, October 31st.

The release should happen no later than 11am Pacific, but knowing Google, it's probably going to be between 8-8:30 and 10am. 11am is the worst case scenario.

Furthermore, a print ad from Switzerland says that the phone will be available in November, although the ad also tells readers to visit for more details, where the launch date is listed as October 31.

Nexus 5

Nexus 5 ad from Switzerland | Image Credit: Tutto Android

This wouldn’t be the first time Google’s partners jumped the gun by leaking details about new Nexus releases well ahead of their time.

However, not everyone is convinced the phone is coming tomorrow.

A T-Mobile employee has apparently confirmed to a customer that the Nexus 5 will be launched by the carrier at the same time with Google, although the price will be slightly higher, just like with the Nexus 4. However, no proof has been provided to support these details, and while the store employee seemed confident in his story, it wasn’t back up by subsequent findings.

The same customer decided to dig deeper and called Best Buy, Staples and Walmart, but neither store confirmed the arrival of the new Nexus smartphone. Upon future checks with T-Mobile, a different employee seemed not to know anything about the launch.

Nexus 5

Nexus 5 unboxing in Ireland | Image Credit: @N1troz (Twitter)

Nexus 5 unboxing, hands-on and other sightings

While most buyers will have to wait a few more days to get their hands on the Nexus 5, it looks like one lucky person in Ireland has unboxed a unit. The image above shows the Nexus 5 reportedly taken out of its retail box by someone from Carphone Warehouse Ireland.

Moreover, a reddit user has apparently spent some time with the device – check out the image gallery above.

Nexus 5

Nexus 5 in Malaysia | Image credit: +Lin Siong Soh (Google Plus)

However, that’s not the only place the Nexus 5 was last seen, as images surfacing from an LG service center in Malaysia (above) and from a Taiwan NCC filing (below) have also made their way online, although there’s not that much to be revealed at this time.

Nexus 5

Nexus 5 at Taiwan’s NCC | Image Credit: NCC

In addition to these images, there’s also a 360 degree GIF render for the Nexus 5, a dummy Nexus 5 phone sighting, and some new benchmark results for the device (all below).

Nexus 5


Nexus 5 dummy unit | Image credit:

Nexus 5

Purported Nexus 5 BaseMark X benchmark | Image credit: GSM Arena

That said, we’ll be back with hopefully official news in less than 24 hours, should Google decide to finally unveil the Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 KitKat.

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