Alleged Huawei Ascend Mate 3 specs confirmed via AnTuTu

big Surprise, surprise! Another leak of Huawei’s Ascend Mate 3 has materialized online. Last Monday we saw its back panel in a production image, on Tuesday a specification sheet surfaced and today a benchmarking screenshot from AnTuTu has emerged on the web, confirming everything we’ve heard about the handset so far. Rumors still point towards the

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French telecom Iliad making a surprise bid for T-Mobile US

In a bid that's come way out of left field, French telecommunications firm Iliad SA is also offering to buy T-Mobile US. T-Mobile, itself a subsidiary of T-Mobile Germany, has been engaged in long-running negotiations with US rival Sprint. The bid from Iliad comes as a surprise, not just for their previously unexpressed interest, but that Iliad is a smaller company that T-Mobile in both terms of subscribers and value.

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Small update for T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S5 provides 'improvements'

Owners of the Samsung Galaxy S5 on T-Mobile's network should be on the lookout for a new but small software update, which should offer some performance improvements.

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LG G Vista now available on Verizon


As expected, Verizon has added the LG G Vista to their portfolio and it is now available to order. The LG G Vista is a relatively downscaled version of the LG G3 with one exception – the screen is actually larger at 5.7-inches. However, the resolution is only 940 x 560 which is rather low for such a large screen. The G Vista also comes with a 1.2 GHz processor, 1.5 GB of RAM, 8 GB of internal storage, an 8MP camera, a 3200mAh battery and Android 4.4.2 pre-loaded. Considering the size of the battery and the hardware being driven, users should be able to get some excellent battery life out of the device.

Like the LG G3, the G Vista comes with buttons located on the back of the device. LG has also equipped the phone with features like their KnockCode, Dual Window capability, QuickMemo and QSlide.

Verizon is offering the LG G Vista for $99 with a two year contract or $19.99 per month on Verizon EDGE. The full retail price is $400. It appears black is the only color available, at least at the moment. If you are interested in ordering an LG G Vista on Verizon, just hit the source link below.


source: Verizon

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Amazon Appstore offering 30 paid apps for free today and tomorrow


If you’ve got the Amazon Appstore loaded up on your device, you’ll find that Amazon is offering 30 paid apps for free through the store. The deal ends after tomorrow, and the 30 free apps normally would represent over a $100 value.

Hit the break for a full list of the apps.

  • My Alarm Clock ($1.99)

  • Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing ($1.99)

  • To-Fu Fury ($1.99)

  • Photo Editor+ ($0.99)

  • Drawing Pad ($1.99)

  • Daily Workouts ($3.99)

  • Weather Live ($2.99)

  • WiFi File Explorer PRO ($0.99)

  • PDF Max ($7.99)

  • White Noise ($1.99)

  • CalenGoo ($5.99)

  • Carcassonne ($4.99)

  • Docs To Go Premium Key ($9.99)

  • Allrecipes Dinner Spinner Pro ($2.99)

  • Fraction Calculator Plus ($0.99)

  • Flightradar24 Pro ($2.99)

  • KAYAK PRO ($0.99)

  • Home Budget Manager ($2.99)

  • Convertor Pro ($0.99)

  • KeepTrack Pro ($1.99)

  • Bills Reminder ($3.99)

  • Ultimate Guitar Tabs and Tools ($7.99)

  • Food Diary and Calorie Tracker PRO ($3.99)

  • List Master Pro ($1.99)

  • Little Piano (Pro) ($5.99)

  • Instapaper ($2.99)

  • Essential Anatomy 3 ($24)

  • Language Coach ($9.99)

  • Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, 8th edition ($29.99)

  • MathsApp Graphing Calculator ($4.99)

Source: Amazon

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Kyocera Brigadier brings affordable ruggedness and a sapphire display to Verizon

For Verizon users that need a truly rugged phone on the go, the Kyocera Brigadier is now ready to roll. Available for $99 on a two-year contract, $19.99 a month on Next, or just $399 outright, the Brigadier features a 4.5–inch "Sapphire Shield" display and is completely dust proof, shock proof and waterproof. It's IP68 certification will keep it safe and sound, and you can even type on it while wearing gloves thanks to the Glove and Wet Touchscreen Operation feature.

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Calling all developers: get your hands on the Google I/O 2014 app’s source code right now


Wondering how Google pulled off some of the tricks they used in this year’s Google I/O app? As they do each year, Google has made the entirety of the app’s source code available for you to dig into, borrow code from and use however you please. Whether you just want a snippet of code or want to use it as the basis of an entirely new app, it’s all available at this handy Github destination.

Google’s IO 2014 app showcases everything that embodies modern Android development, from basic concepts such services, fragments, notifications and content providers to integrating with Google products and services like Cloud Messaging and the Google Drive API. It even gives early examples of coding for Android Wear and using Material Design for making your apps look the best they can be.

Google says they’ll be going even deeper with follow-up articles that go into technical detail about some of the things they did with this year’s app, such as the IOSched source code and other unique elements found throughout. They also plan to update the app in the months to come so you’ll want to subscribe to the aforementioned Github page if you wish to follow along. Go forth, awesome coders, and bring Android the apps it deserves to have!

[via Google]

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Runtastic debuts its own fitness tracker, the $120 Orbit


When it comes to fitness apps, Runtastic is more than likely one of the first names that come to mind, and with good reason. Runtastic apps tend to not only be well designed, but feature packed as well. Now Runtastic is taking its expertise in fitness to a new level by introducing the Orbit, a fitness tracker that it built with Runtastic’s many apps in mind.

Unlike some of the more basic fitness bands out there, the Orbit packs a ton of features and doubles as a watch thanks to its built in OLED display. The Orbit is meant to be worn all the time and to help achieve this goal, the device easily offers up to an entire week of battery life. As for its core features, Orbit tracks calories burned, steps taken, distance, total active minutes and even your sleep. The watch can also provide inactivity vibration alerts and works as an alarm.


In addition to playing nice with many of Runtastic’s existing apps, there’s also a special Runtastic Me app that syncs with the Orbit to keep track of activities and as a hub for updates and setting alarms. For those interested, you can nab the Runtastic Orbit for $120 directly from the company’s website and it should be making its way to select retail stores in the not-too-distant future.

Via: TechCrunch;

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T-Mobile shows strong Q2 results, growing coverage and subscriber base

T-Mobile is the little engine that could. Today brings forth T-Mobile’s Q2 2014 results, and shows that T-Mobile is still going up and up. T-Mobile added 1.5 million new customers in Q2, marking the fifth consecutive quarter with over 1 million new subscribers. The number is slightly down from 2.4 million new additions in Q1, but 1.5 million is still a very impressive number. Even more important is that T-Mobile has now managed to secure 50.5 million subscribers, breaking the coveted 50 million mark.

Revenue is up at the Magenta HQ, with an 8% growth over Q2 2013. Service revenue alone is up 7.1% year-over-year. This comes from the addition of new subscribers, as well as increased phone sales of 6.2 million, showing that customers are not only joining, but are also active and purchasing new devices. T-Mobile’s rapid growth is closely tied in with its radical new business strategy of being the “Uncarrier“. Changes such as phasing out contracts and offering unlimited data have brought customers over from other carriers, thus allowing T-Mobile to flourish.

We have completely reversed T-Mobile’s trajectory and started a revolution that is changing the rules in wireless. Now — with more than 50 million customers, 1.5 million customers added this quarter and 5 quarters in a row of over 1 million net new customers — we are proud to be the fastest growing wireless company in America, with the fastest 4G LTE network and, just this morning, recognized for having the best Customer Service nationwide.John Legere, CEOT-Mobile

That’s not all! Just like any good infomercial, there are even more bonuses. Firstly, T-Mobile’s Voice over LTE (VoLTE) coverage has satisfactorily reached the requirements of becoming nationwide. Considering that VoLTE launched just months ago, this expansion is incredibly impressive. In the past two months alone, customers have placed over 52 million VoLTE calls, showing that the technlogy works and customers are clearly using it.

T-Mobile Uncarrier

T-Mobile network enhancements have been rolling along smoothly. Using the 700MHz spectrum acquired from Verizon, T-Mobile has begun rolling out 700MHz equipment to sites across the nation. These sites are currently being upgraded and should be live by end of the year to improve not only network speed, but also network coverage. Devices that support the 700MHz spectrum are being tested at the moment and are expected to deploy in addition to the new network later this year. All of this comes in addition to T-Mobile’s ongoing effort to refarm its 2G network into a 4G LTE network. That initiative is over halfway completed and should finish up in summer 2015.

The team has also been aggressively rolling out Wideband LTE, upgrading our remaining 2G footprint to 4G LTE and starting to roll out our new low-band 700 MHz A-Block spectrum. In fact, in the three months since we got hold of this spectrum, we’ve already begun equipping sites with 700 MHz gear. Just. Three. Months. And we’ve begun field-testing our first 700 MHz-compatible devices, so we can get those devices in stores and online—and in customers’ hands—before the end of this year.John Legere, CEOT-Mobile

The final burst of good news comes from JD Power and Associates. T-Mobile has received the honor of being number one in customer service among the four major US carriers. In comparison, T-Mobile placed at the bottom just one year ago, when corporate policies and initiatives were getting in the way of great customer service. Along the same lines, T-Mobile-owned MetroPCS also placed top in customer service among its peers.

From what we’re seeing today, T-Mobile is on the fast track to success. Not only is T-Mobile gleaning customers from all of the other carriers, but it’s not slacking in its other departments. Network enhancements are steaming along, customer service is excelling, and T-Mobile hasn’t stopped being radical. Just goes to show, thinking outside of the box isn’t a bad thing.

Source: T-Mobile (1), (2), JD Power and Associates

Via: TmoNews (1), (2)

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More Galaxy Alpha details revealed, may release on August 13th instead

samsung galaxy logo 2

Yesterday SamMobile reported that they had internally confirmed the Samsung Galaxy Alpha would be landing on August 4th. Of course until Samsung sends out press invites or releases it out of the blue, we have no way of knowing the real launch date, and that’s why we aren’t too surprised to hear that All About Samsung is reporting that the launch will actually happen on August 13th.

At this stage, we can’t say for sure which date is correct, but the good news is that Samsung has unofficially confirmed that the Galaxy Alpha is in fact real and on its way soon. Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Kim Hyun-joon, the senior VP at Samsung Mobile, confirmed two new phones were on the way in the near future, a big screened device and one made from “new materials”. While the former is obviously the Note 4, we’d say that it’s a safe bet that the latter of these handsets is the Alpha.


So what all do we actually know about the Alpha, aside from the fact it will offer a metal frame with a plastic back cover? Up until now, all we seemed to know for sure was the phone would have a 4.8-inch display with a resolution of 720p, 32GB storage, a heart rate monitor, and a fingerprint scanner. Thanks to further benchmark details dug up by All About Samsung, it seems that the Galaxy Alpha SM-G850F will use an Exynos 5433 octa-core CPU with a Mali-T628 GPU. The handset will also have 2GB RAM, a 12MP rear cam with LED flash and a 2MP front cam. There’ also the possibility of a Snapdragon-equipped version as well, though we haven’t really heard any details backing this idea up just yet.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Alpha sounds like a solid device with a mix of mid and high-end specs, aimed at those that want a smaller-screened handset than most modern Sammy devices, while also getting a more premium build thanks to the metal frame. What do you think of the Galaxy Alpha, impressed or not?

Source: All About Samsung, Wall Street Journal;

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Devious Dungeon levels up for its Android launch

Devious Dungeon, an action-RPG platfomer game that was released for iOS earlier this year, made its Android debut this week in the Google Play Store, which gives gamers a chance to level up and kill lots of creatures while collecting loot.

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