Samsung Is Not Working on a Bixby-Powered Smart Speaker

Over the past few months, a few rumours revealed Samsung has taken an interest in virtual assistant-powered speakers. Now that the Korean tech giant has Bixby it would be only natural for the company to launch an Amazon Echo alternative, leaks have claimed.

But according to a new report coming out of the Korea Herald this isn’t in fact true. According to sources familiar with the matter, Samsung does not view AI speakers as marketable just yet, especially since the global market is already dominated by players such as Amazon.

For the time being, Samsung has a small team working on Bixby which is currently focused on things like getting Bixby English to work on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. So for the time being, we won’t see a Samsung Bixby-powered speaker hit the shelves.

The smart speaker market is pretty crowded at the moment. Apple just launched its premium Home Pod and according to recent information Amazon is also prepping a successor for the Amazon Echo which could arrive until the end of this year.

Amazon and Apple aren’t the only ones battling for supremacy in this niche. Google’s Home product is also in the race and Microsoft’s Invoke speaker with Cortana onboard should attract its fair share of supports once it makes a debut on the market. So for now, Samsung is leaving the smart speaker arena to other players. At least until it manages to evolve Bixby to a more advanced level.

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