Google releases Trusted Contacts for iOS devices, updates Android app

Google launched Trusted Contacts last year on Android and said that iOS support would be arriving at some point in the future. That day has finally arrived.

Google has announced that Trusted Contacts is now available for iOS devices. It works in the same way the Android version does: add a friend or family member to the list and then those folks can request your location when they feel it’s necessary to do so. If you are okay at the time you can deny the request so they won’t see your location.

If you don’t respond to the request in a certain period of time, it will automatically send your location to the person(s) requesting it. Or, if you happen to be in an unsafe area or situation, you can immediately share it.

Android users are getting some new features, too, so it’s not all iOS news today. The Trusted Contacts app for Android will now let users select the exact amount of time it takes for the app to automatically share your location if you can’t respond. Previously, the app would only wait for five minutes before sending the information. Users can also add trusted contacts by their phone number.

There are nine new languages supported in Trusted Contacts, too: Amharic (Ethiopia), Greek (Greece), Persian (Iran), Bahasa (Indonesia), Macedonian (Macedonia), Burmese (Myanmar), Nepali (Nepal), Serbian (Serbia) and Urdu (Pakistan). This brings the total to 25.

Do you have Trusted Contacts installed on your device?

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