All Phones Selling in Canada this December Will Be Unlocked

Maybe you’ve heard but a few days ago roaming charges were abolished within the “borders” of the European Union. Good things are happening for wireless customers and today we bring a piece of encouraging news for Canadians.

You’re probably going to be very pleased to hear that starting December 2017, all mobile devices sold in Canada will be unlocked. What’s more mobile network operators will be forbidden from charging extra fees for unlocking.

A survey conducted by Canada’s wireless regulator, CRTC which found that Canadians are forced to pay some of the highest fees on wireless services of any G7 nation, showed without doubt that things have to change.

To compare, Canadian customers in need of 150 minutes of monthly mobile service are paying $53 CAD / month, while Germans only pay $23 CAD for a similar package. To add more insult to injury, Canadian carriers charge $50 CAD or more for unlocking a device. But starting December things are going to change dramatically.

Needless to say, Canadian carriers don’t agree with the decision. It remains to be seen whether we’re going to see any attempts of getting it overthrown or if everyone is going to be complacent with the decision.

What are your thoughts on the ruling?

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