You’ll Soon Be Able to Send Money to Friends with Google Assistant

Google Assistant is now widely available on most Android phones running Marshmallow or above. During its I/O Google detailed all sorts of new features that are headed towards the Assistant in the upcoming months, but it left one out of its keynote.

During a talk related to the future of Google payments, the search giant revealed that users will soon be able to send money to their friends via the Google Assistant – by using voice commands, that is.

With the update in place, users will be able to say things like “OK Google, send Jane $15 for pizza”. To do that, users will need to have a Google Home or an Android phone at their disposal and have a debit card linked to their Google account. The Assistant will handle everything –  once the voice command has been issued, the money will be swiftly send to the person. For added security, the AI-driven help you might ask you to authenticate yourself using the fingerprint scanner.

During the same event, Google announced its virtual helper will soon gain support for a host of additional languages including French, German, Portuguese and Japanese. We can also expect the Assistant to learn Italian, Spanish and Korean by the end of the year.

The Google Assistant is also branching out, moving past Android and to iOS where it will compete with Siri head to head.


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