Google Assistant in Allo Can Now Speak Canadian French

Are you a French-speaking Canadian? If the answer is yes, then you will be glad to know that the Google Assistant in Allo has acquired a new skill – it can speak French Canadian!

For the time being, the French version of the Assistant is only available within Google’s chat app and now in the mainline app. However, we do believe this option will soon become available with the standalone Google Assistant, as well.

In order to start talking in French, users will need to tell the Assistant: “Talk to me in Canadian French” from within the Allo app. The assistant’s presence can be requested by typing the @google command.

Allo’s smart reply function is also available in French Canadian, so when user find they can’t reply right away they can choose from one of the pre-defined suggestions.

If you the feature is not available to you just yet, don’t worry. Google notes it will take several days before the new option becomes available to all Canadian users. French Canadian is available within the Allo app for both Android and iOS. So if you too are an Allo user and own any Android or Apple smartphone, you can give it a go and see if your Google Assistant can now support French Canadian and other Quebec data.

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