Samsung Galaxy Note 8 leaks again, this time with photos of actual device

We have yet another leak of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on our hands. The leaks for the phablet just keep coming and now we get to see how the final device is likely to look.

Much of the Galaxy S8 design language remains, including the placement of the fingerprint sensor right next to the camera. This was a major annoyance on the smaller S8 so we can’t imagine how hard it will be to use on a phablet. There are also two camera sensors on the rear, a change from the S8 and a move towards the trend of dual camera setups.

With the endless barrage of leaks, the device is pretty much what we expected to see. Hopefully Samsung has a few surprises left in store for the event because knowing every detail on an unreleased device is no fun! How many of you are going to be picking up the Note 8? Leave a comment!

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