LG V30 Drops the Secondary Display In Favor of a “Floating Bar”

LG’s next-gen flagship the V30 is expected to make a debut into the world on August 31 in Berlin.

But unlike its predecessors, the V30 will mark a notable change in design. This time around LG will not be including a secondary “ticker” display on top. Rather, the V30 will look very much like the LG G6, with very subtle distinctions.

Anyway, according to an “exclusive internal source” who talked to Android Authority, it seems that customers won’t have the chance to miss the secondary display because LG is replacing it with a….” floating bar”.

So instead of implementing a secondary display strip, LG is using software to offer pretty much the same functionality. The source has been quite vague in respect to how this “floating bar” is supposed to function, but it did mention it will allow quick access to shortcuts and “possibly even notifications.”

With the secondary screen out of the way, LG venturing into huge phone territory. We’re told the V30 will arrive with a 6-inch QHD display with HDR 10 and Google Daydream support. What’s more, it seems that one of the sensors of the dual camera setup will feature a massive f/1.6 aperture.

If that’s not enough to capture your attention, the V30 will also be coming with an upgraded audio experience in partnership with B&O.

The LG V30 is shaping up to be a massive phone, don’t you think?

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