HTC U11 Might Soon Get Upgraded to the Bluetooth 5.0 Standard

Good news for those of you are holding on to an HTC U11. The phone currently uses Bluetooth 4.2, but in a short while, the flagship might get updated to the new Bluetooth 5.0 standard.

Currently, the only phones equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 are the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. But according to a recently uncovered FCC filing, HTC is working towards enabling “Bluetooth 5.0 by software update without any hardware change”.

We don’t know when the update is going to hit the HTC U11 on the North American continent but we hope it’s going to be soon. US units are probably going to be getting the new piece of software first, followed by Canadians ones.

The benefits of having Bluetooth 5.0 on your phone include longer connectivity ranger, higher transmission bandwidth, and lower power usage.

Recently HTC unveiled a Solar Red version of the U11 which sold like hotcakes. The phone is currently Out of Stock on the Canadian website. However, those of you who want to grab the phone can still do so in Brilliant Black, Sapphire Blue or Amazing Silver for the price of $899 CAD.

The phone is water resistant and comes with a squeezable frame which lets you do things like launch the camera app when you squeeze the phone.


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