August security updates available for Nexus, Pixel devices

Google has been nothing if not consistent with its monthly security updates for Nexus and Pixel devices. Though the updates generally aren’t large, they contain valuable and vital patches for newfound Android security issues. Today brings us the release of the August security update, which is being released in two options, one a partial and one a complete security patch string. Google states that this allows flexibility for a faster rollout for non-Google devices.

The partial security patch string covers a number of moderate, high, and critical threats that could allow a remote attacker to execute processes with a specially crafted file. The full security patch covers all of these threats, plus a number of additional threats that are important to fix, but not vital.

Google will be rolling out the August security update to nexus and Pixel devices in the upcoming days. If you can’t wait, follow these links to find the factory and OTA binary images.

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