Sorry, No Galaxy S8 Mini Incoming, Says Samsung

A few days ago we heard a bunch of rumours saying that Samsung is gearing up to introduced a “mini” version of the Samsung Galaxy S8 with watered-down specs.

The phone was said to come boasting a 5.3-inch display with the same 18:5:9 atypical ratio and an older Snapdragon 821 processor under the hood. We were also told the device will include 4GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage.

Sadly, it appears our dreams of seeing a Galaxy S8 mini were crushed shortly after the original rumour emerged. A Twitter user (who by the way provided reliable information about Samsung products before) who talked to a Samsung engineer revealed that the Galaxy S8 mini is not a real product.

Hopes of a Galaxy S8 mini were fueled earlier this week when a spot-on industry source revealed LG will launch the a G6 mini variant on the market which will be sold under the name LG Q6.

Given that LG seems interested in revitalizing the whole “mini” smartphone frenzy of a few years ago, we assume Samsung was willing to jump onboard the same ship. Sadly, it no longer seems this is the case.

The last time we saw a “mini” variant of one of Samsung’s flagships was in 2014, when the company unveiled the Galaxy S5 mini.


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