Samsung details Galaxy Note 7 recycling plans

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 burned out on the market last year, but it has seen a breath of new life with the new Galaxy Note Fan Edition in South Korea.

Now Samsung has come forward to talk about the recycling process for its remaining Note 7s. The company plans to reuse parts from the Note 7, including memory semiconductors, camera modules, and even OLED panels. It will sell some and reuse others as service materials. Through the recycling process, Samsung will apparently recover around 157 tons of silver, gold, cobalt, and copper.

Samsung is focused on the future of its brand, especially with its smartphones, because of the fiasco that was the Galaxy Note 7. The phablet was recalled twice before it was ultimately discontinued due to issues with the battery which could cause the device to catch fire. The Galaxy S8 hasn’t had the same issues up to this point, and now many eyes are on the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 to see if Samsung can capitalize on its momentum.

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