Google Working On Always-On Ambient Display for Future Pixels

Remember the Moto Display on the Moto X (2013)? It allowed users to see important info on their phone without touching the display or looking for a notification to appear.

Well according to the xda-developers, a similar Always On ambient display will make a debut with the next-gen Pixel devices. A Pixel handset running the Developer Preview 3 or Android O revealed a string of code which included an intriguing clue.

In it, there’s a reference to “doze” which has nothing to do with Android’s feature to reduce battery consumption, but it’s actually used to mean “ambient display”. Which indicates that the string of code actually refers to a switch that toggles on the Always On ambient display.

However, don’t get excited just yet. Google might just be allowing developers to test the option, but that doesn’t actually mean the feature will come baked into Android O. Although we can hope it does.

At the moment, Ambient Display is a way to glance at notifications when they come in via a black and white screen that gets turned on when the device is taken out of the pocket. But an always-on version of Ambient Display might be coming at some point in the future.


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