Google Play Music and YouTube Red will be merged, says YouTube exec

Ever since YouTube Red’s launch, a subscription to that service would get you a Google Play Music sub and vice versa. Soon, though, users will just have one service.

Lyor Cohen, YouTube’s head of music, has confirmed that Google Play Music and YouTube Red will merge. “The important thing is combining YouTube Red and Google Play Music, and having one offering,” Cohen said during New Music Seminar conference.

No other details about Google’s plans are known at this time, but the company did tell The Verge that users will get “plenty of notice” before it makes any changes.

We’ll have to wait and see what Google’s got planned here, but a rebranding seems like the likeliest outcome. Since Google Play Music subscriptions come with YouTube Red and YouTube Red subscriptions come with Google Play Music, Google could rebrand these two subscription services under one name to make the offering more compelling and to make it easier for consumers to understand.

Are you signed up for a Google Play Music/YouTube Red subscription?

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