BlackBerry Fixes KEYone’s Display Issue

A few weeks ago it was revealed the BlackBerry KEYone’s screen wasn’t glued to the rest of the phone. The display on the KEYOne appeared to just be snapped into place and lacked any adhesive or glue to hold it in.

Once publicized, BlackBerry quickly acknowledged the issue saying it will start looking into ways to fix the problem. Well over the weekend BBMobile’s Twitter page posted an update on the issue.

We’re told BlackBerry Mobile has taken steps to add extra adhesive to its latest batch of KEYones coming off the assembly line. These new, strengthened units are already being sent out to retail partners.

But what about those who purchased a KEYone before these changes were made? The Canadian company says your unit should still be under warranty, so you’re encouraged to reach out and ask for a replacement. In BlackBerry’s own words:

If you’ve already purchased the BlackBerry KEYone, you’re fully covered by our manufacturer’s warranty, so if any issue arises, please contact us and we can help you with a warranty replacement if needed.”

The BlackBerry KEYone hasn’t been out long, but so far it received excellent reviews and feedback from users. The phone comes with the iconic QWERTY keyboard and offers great battery life and middle-ranger specs.


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