Samsung’s Bringing Back the Galaxy Note7 as Fandom Edition on July 7

We’ve been hearing about Samsung’s intentions of releasing a refurbished Galaxy Note7 version for a few months now.

Well it seems that the event is closer than we think. According to a new report coming out the WSJ, Samsung will be resuscitating the phablet as the Galaxy Note7 Fandom Edition (FE) on July 7.

At least initially, the phablet will be sold only in South Korea and will retail for approximately $803 CAD. The Galaxy Note7 FE will be made of refurbished parts and will include a smaller 3,200 mAh battery.

Samsung hopes to ship up to 400,000 Note7 FE, but at this moment it’s unclear whether the phablet will be made available anywhere else. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Last year, Samsung was forced to issue a global recall for the Galaxy Note7 after numerous reports of the phablet catching on fire and hurting people. The device was eventually discontinued and the Korean tech giant launched an investigation to get at the bottom of what had caused the issue.

Several months later, Samsung revealed in a statement that battery issues were to blame for the Note7’s tendency to overheat. That’s why the new Note7 comes with a smaller, re-designed battery cell.


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