Android Pay Now Works with American Express in Canada

Android Pay made it out to Canada last month, but the service already supports a decent range of debit and credit cards. Now, Canadian Android Pay users gets another addition to their roster – American Express.

Amex is the ninth bank and credit union to join forces with Android Pay in Canada. Getting started is pretty easy, you just have to add your Amex card via the Android Pay app and then use it by tapping your device on a compatible NFC payment terminal.

Owners of MasterCard, VISA or Interac credit cards can also use the same service in the country. But even with this week’s announcement, there are still a few major Canadian banking holdouts – the most important being TD and RBC.

The full list of banks supporting Android Pay in Canada can be found on Google’s website if you want to see whether you can pay with a certain card in the country or not.

A few days ago Google announced it was adding a whopping 60 new banks to Android Pay in the US, so the search giant is expanding the service quite rapidly. Expect more banks to be added in Canada soon enough, as well.

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