Google’s New Project Treble Aims To Expedite Android Updates

If you are an Android user, then you probably know that unless you’re a Pixel or Nexus owner, you’re in for quite a wait when it comes to new software updates.

But Google’s recently announced Project Treble aims to move things into the right direction. By skipping steps in the Android update cycle, Google hopes to ensure the timely delivery of updates to all devices in the near future.

Right now, when Google publishes a new build, chip manufactures like Samsung and Qualcomm start build chips to support it. Device makers then come into the equation by adding their own software tweaks. Lastly, the new update has to get carrier approval (especially in the US/Canada).

But with Project Treble, Google wants to change how things are done. The company aims to make it easier for carriers and OEMs to transfer over specific software, without having to update that software for each new version of Android.

With the new initiative Google seeks to add a new Vendor Interface which will bundle all the basic code for chipsets, modems and other hardware components, so when an OEM like LG wants to push out a software update it won’t have to wait for chipmakers to optimize the new Android code.

Project Treble will be available on all new devices launching with Android O and beyond. We expect to learn more about the initiative at Google’s upcoming I/O 2017 conference.


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