Google Home to Launch in Canada Later this Year

We have some good news for you Canadian Google product enthusiasts. During its I/O 2017 developer conference, Google announced it will be bringing its home connected speaker, the Google Home to Canada.

The popular device, which is fueled by the artificial intelligence of the Google Assistant will finally be made available for purchase in the country this summer.

During the keynote, Google also announced some notable updates for Google Home including hands-free calling, although the feature will only be available in the US at launch.

Google Home is also set to provide proactive notifications in the future. This means it won’t wait for you to ask it something, but will provide potentially useful information without being prompted. At first this feature will focus on travel. So for example,if  Google Home knows you need to catch a flight later today, it will send you traffic alerts your way.

The voice-connected speaker is also gaining some new media capabilities with support for Spotify, Deezer, Pandora and Soundcloud. Additional, its Bluetooth functionality will be enabled so you’ll be able to play music from a nearby phone, be it an Android or an iOS device.

Google also noted during the keynote that the Home will be able to send visual responses to your TV via Chromecast, as well.

All these great new features make us really excited for Google Home’s launch in Canada.


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