Google Details Upcoming Android O Features at I/O 2017

As expected during it’s I/O 2017 keynote, Google talked about the upcoming features we can expect to see in Android O.

Google emphasizes that the next version of Android will focus on two main things, fluid experience and vitals.

In order to build a more seamless experience in Android O, Google is bringing features like Picture-in-Picture which basically allows users to use more than one app at the same time. We’re were given an example where a user keeps watching a YouTube video in a smaller window located in the lower-right corner, while also making a list via the Note app.

Another feature meant to promote fluidity is Notification Dots – these appear in the form of dots on top of an app icons when you receive a notification. What’s more, in Android O users will be able to long press the app’s icons to view the content of the notification.

Android O will also borrow the Autofill feature from Chrome, as well as include an evolved taken on Copy Paste called Smart Paste Selection. With the help of machine learning, Android O will be able to tell when a user is trying to copy a name or address and will easily highlight the whole name after registering a double tap.

In the next version of Android O, Google will also focus on vitals which means we’ll see security enhancements and a new Google Play Protect feature embedded in the Play Store to scan for potentially infected apps. Google also promises faster boot times for Android and app performance, in order to allow users to be more productive.

All these new features make us quite excited about Android O, which Google confirmed will arrive in “late summer” – probably around August.

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