Google Allo Can Now Turn Your Selfies Into Emoji Like Stickers

A few days ago we told you that Google Assistant in Google’s Allo messaging app gained the skill of speaking Canadian French.

Well today we come back with a fresh novelty Allo users will most likely love to use. The new tool basically turns your selfie into a set of funky stickers. To make this happen, Google employs the power of neural networks and machine learning, as well as the creative hands of a few artists to turn your selfies into unique stickers.

The first pack to debut is designed by Lamar Abrams who works as a story boarder on Steven Universe and is said to speak your sarcastic side. However, with futures update Google will introduce additional emotive themes.

Google’s algorithms allow for a 563 quadrillion different combinations of sticker images to be generate. If a sticker is not to your licking, the app will allow you to customize the artwork with a different hairstyle, skin color, nose shape and such.

Emoticons and stickers are becoming more and more part of how we communicate, so naturally Google wants to get in some of the action too. The new tool is already rolling out for users of Allo for Android. An iOS release will soon follow.


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