Samsung Galaxy S8 to Use Facial Recognition for Mobile Payments

Remember a few days ago we told you that the Galaxy S8 won’t be getting an iris scanner, but face recognition technology instead? Well, a new report seems to claim otherwise.

According to sources familiar with the matter reported by Bloomberg, the Galaxy S8 will include both plus a fingerprint scanner. So basically users will have the option to register their face with the device, but if they don’t – the iris scanner will be allowed to take over authentication operations.

As we previously reported, Samsung’s face recognition technology is said to be superior that the company’s iris scanner and also more accurate. However, should you find yourself in a low light environment, the iris scanning alternative is a good solution to authenticate yourself for the phone.

Samsung’s facial recognition technology will also be used to authorize payments with Samsung Pay. The option won’t be available at launch, but Samsung will push it in a few months following the Galaxy S8 release.

Samsung is still working on convincing banks across the world that facial recognition is a great solution for authenticating mobile payments.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 should go official in a few weeks during an event in New York scheduled for March 29.


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