Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone Might Actually Be A 7-inch Tablet

Samsung’s foldable smartphone design have been in the rumour mill since forever. Well it finally seems that the first models featuring such a flexible display will actually make it out on the market this year.

According to Asian media, Samsung is likely to unveil a foldable phone in Q3 2017. Now let’s talk a bit about this futuristic device. After working for years on a fold-in bendable devices, Samsung noticed how inconvenient it was to unfurl the prototypes every time you wanted to check something on the display. And let’s face it we check our phones’ displays a LOT.

So Samsung switch to a fold-out design instead, which means the screen stays on the inside making easier for users to glimpse at the display whenever they feel like it.

Now the current report says Samsung actually has to decide whether it will launch the device or not, but with the advent of concept phones (think Xiaomi MI MIX or Huawei Honor Magic) we don’t see why not, even if in limited quantities.

The Investor also revealed a piece of information we never heard before. Apparently Samsung’s foldable phone will actually be a 7-inch tablet in its unfolded state – a mode of use which should come in handy when you’re trying to watch video or browse pictures from last year’s trip.

Samsung’s foldable design sounds pretty intriguing, so we surely hope the Korean tech giant will at least decide to showcase it to the world in 2017 if not start selling it.

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