Wind Mobile Discounts 6GB LTE Plan from $45 to $35 for 10 months

Back in November 2016, Wind Mobile re-branded into a new entity called Freedom Mobile. The company also announced its LTE network in Toronto and Vancouver.

Now in an effort to promote said network, the carrier is shaving off $10 from its $45 plan for new customers willing to jump onboard with it. The plan offers 3GB of LTE/3G data on the Freedom Mobile “Home network” and an additional 3GB of data per month on the same network until 31 January, 2018.

The bundle also includes Unlimited calls to Canada/USA, global text/MMS, Canada/US picture/video texting and reduced roaming rates in over 60 countries across the globe. The plan is available for new and existing “Pay Before” and “Pay After” customers. Interested parties should grab it until 31 January, 2017.

Wind Mobile will cut the plan to $35 with a 10-month credit for $10 (a total of $100 bonus) for new customers (after the grace period the price goes back to $45). The credit is offered to anyone activating an Everywhere 45 or 55 plan.

Since the Freedom Mobile’s AWS-3-spectrum LTE network is pretty limited customers looking o take advantage of the carrier’s LTE speeds need a compatible device. At the moment they have a choice between the ZTE Grand X 4 (included in the promo) or the LG V20. More phones are expected to be added soon.

[Wind Mobile]

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