Android Things and Weave aim to boost Google’s Internet of Things

Google still has its sights set on the Internet of Things, where all the smart devices in your house are connected.

The company has announced a few key changes as it aims to open up IoT to developers while also making it more secure with regular security updates issued directly by Google itself. That starts with a Developer Preview for Android Things, which Google says is a “comprehensive way to build IoT products with the power of Android, one of the world’s most supported operating systems.”

With the Developer Preview, developers can build a smart device with Android APIs, and one that also supports Google Services. Following feedback received through Project Brillo, Google will include support for Android Studio, the Android Software Development Kit (SDK), Google Play Services, and the Google Cloud Platform.

Google will also be rolling out the ability for developers to support their infrastructure with “regular OS patches, security fixes, and your own updates, as well as built-in Weave connectivity and more.”

On top of all that, the Weave platform is also getting boosted in a big way, which Google says will make it easier for even more smart devices to connect to the cloud and interact with services like Google Assistant. That includes new support additions from TP-Link, First Alert, WeMo, Belkin, and others.

Google says this is just the beginning for IoT, with even more updates in the future.

Do you have a lot of smart, connected devices in your home?

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