OnePlus 2 surpasses two million reservations in less than two weeks

However unconventional the OnePlus reservation system may be, it appears to be working for them yet again as they have crossed two million reservations for the OnePlus 2 in less than two weeks.

Flagship killer or not, that’s a very respectable number, but it has to be taken with a grain of salt given that there is no guarantee how many of those tossing their hat in the ring for an invite are going to actually follow through when their time comes. That’s particularly true if OnePlus can’t deliver the phones at a considerably faster pace than last year as we head into the release of the Moto X Style and potentially multiple Nexus devices aimed at a very similar demographic as the OnePlus 2.

While the OnePlus 2 compromises sit well with some, they strip away one of the most highly touted features of the last year (quick charging), some features that appear ready to finally explode this year (NFC based payments) and the promise of USB Type-C falls short with the lack of support for faster charging and data transfer.

This upper mid-range class of devices seems to be hitting a sweet spot for a lot of consumers that are not willing to shell out several hundred dollars for a smartphone, but still crave something more than what the true budget devices have to offer and in that spirit I’m glad to see OnePlus experiencing success again as it will continue to put the pressure on others to deliver similar value to consumers.

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