Samsung: half of recalled Galaxy Note 7s exchanged in US

Samsung Electronics continues to work through its voluntary recall of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. After a battery defect led to device explosions and fires, the company issued a recall on September 2 for all Galaxy Note 7s sold outside of China. Since that date, the company has worked nonstop in an effort to ease the logistics of the recall and minimize negative publicity.

Samsung has now announced that approximately half of all recalled Galaxy Note 7s in the US have been exchanged for new devices. The company also stated that 90% percent of Galaxy Note 7 owners have opted to receive a new device, rather than returning the recalled device for a refund.

With replacement devices only becoming available on September 21, it’s of note that so many devices have already been exchanged. Samsung is continuing to assist customers with exchanges, and those who haven’t yet exchanged can do so by going to, visiting their carrier store or returning to the retailer where the device was purchased.

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