Instagram adds account switching for multiple accounts

If you manage social media for a business or organization, then you know that it can sometimes be tricky to keep all of your accounts in order. Some social networks are better than others when it comes to managing multiple accounts. In the past, Instagram hasn’t done much to aid this issue, but beginning this week, the company is making it a lot easier for those who manage multiple Instagram accounts.

With version 7.15 of Instagram, the company is adding support for account switching for those with multiple accounts. Users can go to their profile settings to add an additional account. Once the new account is added, switching between them is as easy as tapping your username in your profile and selecting the account that you’d like to use. The profile picture of the account that you’re using will appear throughout the app, so you’ll easily be able to tell which account you’re using.

It’s great to see Instagram making it easier for those who manage multiple accounts. It’s not quite clear how many accounts you can add into the app, but we’re crossing our fingers that it’s more than just two. The update will be rolling out to Android and iOS users throughout the week.

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