LG G Watch to be given out at Google I/O

Details about Google I/O are always sparse, but what we do know is that attendees always walk away with some sweet loot. Google gives away all kinds of goodies, and according to rumors, this year the company will be giving away an LG G Watch.

The G Watch is meant to be somewhat of a reference device for Android Wear, much like the Nexus line was targeted towards developers and consumers alike. Reportedly bearing a low price tag, the G Watch may end up being the Nexus of Android Wear. Giving it away at the Google I/O Developer Conference will be a great way for the platform to gain support.

The conference will focus on Android Wear outside of the LG G Watch though, with Motorola set to show off the Moto 360. And there will be a third Android Wear manufacturer present, with rumors saying it may be ASUS. We’re excited to see what Google has up its sleeve, because with the current state of smart watches, Google will need something seriously polished to win the hearts of the public.

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